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Small business owners and entrepreneurs….

Do you struggle with administrative tasks? Do you find you are spending your valuable time getting them done and loosing time generating the next sale? Or do you simply allow them to pile up? Every aspect of your business is important in its growth and unfortunately you cannot have sales without the administrative factor.

Take a look at your daily to-do list. Do you find your spending your valuable time on any of the following?

  •   Maintaining your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or other social networks
  •   Setting up a website
  •   Blogging
  •   Creating newsletters, flyers, and emails
  •   PowerPoint presentations
  •   Online event planning and marketing
  •   Training videos
  •   Responding to your emails and booking appointments

You have your strengths in business and Virtual Assistants have theirs. Let me help in the areas where you struggle and that cost you valuable time that could have been better spent generating revenue – your talents and skills.